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Dennis Cleveland, by Mikel Rouse

Mikel Rouse's Dennis Cleveland is a talk show pop opera that originally premiered in NY at The Kitchen in 1996, was brought to Lincoln Center, and was re-staged at the Luminato Festival in Toronto many years later. I'm very happy to have been in the revival cast.

Matthew Gandolfo, Joe Who, Cynthia Enfield, Penelope Thomas, Levensky Smith, Christina Pawl, Robert Arthur, Sylver Logan Sharp, Siri Howard, Rob Kempson, Cynthia Dempster, Idil Abdulahi, Marcus Jamin, Steven Ryan, Tara Consoli.

Direction: Mikel Rouse
Assistant Direction: Natasha Mytnowych
Sound Design: Christopher Ericson
Projection System Design: Jeff Sugg
Lighting Design: Jason Boyd
Stage Manager: Jenny Goeltz
Production Manager: Will Knapp
Still photo: Valerie Oliviero